Frequently Asked Questions

As a parent, what is my role in Music Together® Online?

Sing, dance, and have fun! You might be surprised to hear that you are your child's most important music teacher—and it doesn't matter whether you think of yourself as a great singer or dancer. Young children develop dispositions for certain behaviors, including learning to love music, by observing and imitating their loved ones. Simply by participating enthusiastically during class and continuing to play with the ideas throughout your day, you'll give your children the modeling they need to learn to love to make music. Enjoy a break from the news or your cell phone, and have some silly fun!

What's expected of my child in Music Together Online?

At Music Together, children are never required to sit in front of the screen or expected to conform to an adult's idea of participation. We know that children learn differently from adults. They learn instinctively and constantly, through observation, interactions with adults and older children, and through imitation, play, and, especially, movement. One hallmark of Music Together is the insight that children will naturally develop music ability simply when they are immersed in a community of families all making music.

Children's responses depend on their most dominant learning style and temperament as well as their age and developmental level. Some might follow the teacher or your example right away. Many will simply want to watch and absorb, particularly in the first few weeks of class. Some might crawl or toddle around; others are stimulated by the music and respond more actively, running, jumping, or dancing. All are perfectly natural responses to the new, musically rich environment. Whatever your child's respons, they are still benefitting from exposure to the experience and the gift of your modeling and engagement! Throughout the semester, your teacher will help you tune in to how your child learns best so you can support their music development. Feel free to ask if you have questions!

How should we use the Music Together materials?

Play your songs frequently, especially during the first few weeks of class. Make the music available for your child to listen to while she is playing or before nap or bedtime. Create your Music Together account and download the "Hello Everybody" app for digital versions of the songs and more activity ideas to try! Share the the app and your download code with any other caregivers who might enjoy making music with your child - get the whole family involved in the fun. Use the songbook to help you learn the songs and get new musical activities to use at home. If you play an instrument and want to play along, the music notation is available in the Family Music Zone®   Try using the songbook at storytime!

What if I miss a class during the semester? 

Families enrolled in Mixed Age classes are welcome to attend all of our Mixed Age zoom classes over the course of the semester. While we do not have additional Rhythm Kids classes to attend for make-ups, pre-recorded online content will be available to be viewed and re-viewed on-demand throughout the semester.

Can other family members watch the class?

Family members in your household are encouraged to join in the fun! We ask that you do not download or share the pre-recorded videos outside of your home, as privacy and copyright issues come into play. We also require that all families have their video set to "on" so we who are participating in the class can see and verify who is watching. This helps us ensure safety an security for all of our families. Please let us know if you'd rather not have the video on (in cases of potty training, etc).

How does Music Together Online engage children of different ages with the same program?

Music Together Online, and the family learning experience, offers intellectual and social benefits for both younger and older children. In fact, it's the learning environment recommended by many early childhood researchers. Older children learn empathy and awareness of others, while developing leadership qualities and gaining self-confidence. Younger children learn by imitating the older ones and often show more complex behaviors earlier than usual. Even babies benefit by being in an environment that gives them lots of opportunities for focused, playful interaction with all members of the household. Plus, it allows everyone—siblings, parents, grandparents, caregivers—to share in the musical experience together!

Do you offer a discount for referrals?

If you refer a new family, and they enroll for the first time and mention that you referred them, you will receive $20 off of your next semester. There is no limit on referral discounts, so tell your friends!

Do you offer gift certificates?

Gift certificates toward classes can be purchased at any time. They make fabulous baby shower, birthday, or holiday gifts. Please contact us if you’re interested in purchasing one.